Thursday, January 19, 2006

Local music conference

A day of details. Attended a band/presenter conference waaay cross town waaay too early in the morning. Spent the morning behind my booth, sandwiched between one guy who provides sound systems and another grizzled guy who looks like he used to be a star ... face like Tom Waits. An Elvis impersonator was across from us in a purple sequined suit, complete with Elvis hair (at 8am!) A Neil Diamond impersonator was next to him. Spoke to loads of people who book Concerts in the Park series around the Southland. Many took a sampler CD and brochure.

With all due respect to those dedicated musicians this morning, I'm wondering if this is just a safe route to bill-paying gigs, when my real destination is music festivals featuring artists who play their own material (not Top 40 songs from the 70s!). I was selling myself as a oddity: a worldbeat band to add variety to everyone's programming. But are we truly suited for any public show? We aren't really a standard African or worldbeat party band. Behind the dancing and the color are real songs and something deeper.

Well, I spent one morning at it. Let's see what comes of those packages. And in the meantime, back on the path to more recognition as the artiste I am at heart!

Oh, and further details: licked 140 stamps at the post office today to send out a mailing for our upcoming Temple Bar show (in addition to my email list). By the time I left, my mouth tasted horrible, but those invitations to our CD release party were on their way!


Blogger pineapple pete said...

Hi Ashley, just want to wish you luck in your quest for deserved world prominence as an artiste. Been a fan since 'hi' and still awaiting tour of UK other than London! Happy blogging.

2:38 AM

Blogger Ashley Maher said...

Thanks for that! May your words find their way to the ears of the universe... and may I have Big Fun along the way. Peace and blessings! A

4:12 PM


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