Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Three mornings a week, I trudge up and down Santa Monica's 4th Street stairs (189 of them) along with a colorful cast of regulars. Like a coffee shop crowd, we shoot the breeze, talk politics, review new movies, share stories. One film producer, who is one part Hollywood, two parts Zen, told me about Equapoise. Equapoise is about being centered, mindful, aware of life's Flow. It is the art of coaxing things to go one's way without forcing ... like that story of the sun and wind's competition to get a man to take of his coat. The man tightens his grip at the wind's fierce blowing, but aaaah, takes it off as the sun warms the day.

Equapoise. Great idea. And I SO don't have it today. If anyone knows how to find some, please let me know...!


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