Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Countdown to the CD Release Party

Three days until our Big CD Release show at Temple Bar on Saturday, Feb. 11!!! So excited!

Had a rehearsal on Saturday last Saturday at a Hollywood studio. The guy who ushered me into the room looked around and said, "Yup, here it is...all you need is three microphone stands and some Lysol." The stink of the room WAS gag-worthy, but I loved how he said it so cheerily and matter-of-factly. He had the traditional long fried blond hair and red nail-polish of a hardened rocker. Why are those guys always so sweet when you get close enough to talk to them?

One by one, the musicians filed in, greeting one another warmly and setting up. Stories flying around the room, Andre and Paul kicking into a bass/drum groove with some impossible Cameroonian time signature. We whizzed through the five songs we know and then launched into the five new tracks. Ooooh, they sounded SO great!

Having Otmaro on board feels like a gift from the heavens. This will be my first show ever with a pianist in the band and what a pianist!!! Everyone else in the room is so talented, I feel as though I have the best world/jazz/African/Latin band in LA!

I've been rehearsing with Alecia and Kara too, when we manage to stop chatting and howling with laughter. Lambert sounds like an angel. Also, loads of emails from friends and fans saying, "We'll be there!"

I have been performing at Temple Bar for about 4 years now. We are ripe and ready to get out and start performing nationally, internationally ... Let's go Global! May this evening be beautiful, inspiring, wild and rich and free. I am so blessed!


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