Monday, November 13, 2006


Everyone was bugging me about MySpace. But since the notion of having ANOTHER web-y thing to worry about filled me with dread, I made sulking, unenthusiastic steps toward it. My son uploaded my basic page in July and it languished for four months. Emails from people wanting to be added as "friends" (what did THAT mean?) piled up unanswered (Sorry!).

Finally, Andre Manga practically yelled at me by phone to get on the MySpace bandwagon. So I did. And now I am a hopeless junkie, checking my page 50 times a day, sending gushy messages and comments to my heroes, all excited when someone new or familiar stops by.

Why is it so different from email? Because it is visual, easy, there's real music involved, and we all share a common basic template. Because it's all about appreciating and helping one another, making connections, networking, and it's actually fun. Maybe I'll hire someone to clean the apartment ...!