Saturday, February 11, 2006

KPRK Radio Interview with Sergio Mielniczenko + Fake Nails

Yesterday, Sergio Mielniczenko of KPFK invited me onto his show to perform two songs live (with Roberto playing guitar) and be interviewed. Sergio is from Brazil and has a super-sultry voice that I always try to match (and fail) when talking to him on air. Bless him. He's the one DJ in LA who has consistently supported this music. He always asks me Big Questions that I love over-answering. Told one story about Manu Dibango and Andre Manga that was far too long. Must edit it for future usage!

We sounded great singing/playing too. At the end of the interview, Sergio told listeners that the first three callers would receive a pair of free tickets to our show tonight. The phones instantly lit up!

Feeling really excited about tonight. It'll be Otmaro's first time playing with us, the place should be full, the band sounds great, the dancers are ready. I even got a French tip manicure with a double gift certificate my neighbor had given me. My first ever (and probably my last). They look weird, they feel weird, they are hard to type with, and my hard-working mama-hands look like a scullery maid's with a manicure. Yet, at the same time, I keep looking at them, flitting them about, and they do make me feel like Something Special is going on. Everyone in the nail salon was cracking up at how clueless I was. Cinderella city!


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