Sunday, October 21, 2007

The London show was AMAZING!!

Last night, the show at Inn on the Green was absolutely Magic with a capital M. Tina and Dave's club is tucked under the flyover near Ladbroke Grove, with a local West Indian and West London crowd mixing at the bar. Many had gathered to watch England compete in the rugby finals.

Before the show started, I greeted loads of old friends and many new fans ... some who had driven from as far as Wales to see me!! So great to meet all these people I had met via the internet and their CD orders in person at last!

The show itself was wonderful: great sound, lovely atmosphere, full house, low tables twinkling with candle light. Phil Stevenson played guitar and my friend Barak Schmool played percussion as I sang, danced, and told funny stories. My backing vocalists from 10 years ago, Pauline Madden and Suzanne Wooder, guested on Honeycomb Grey and Crown for Adorning and Florence Headlam busted some West African dance moves after And I Believe.

What characterized this particular show was the depth of the feeeeeling in the room. The evening's energy (much like Boston and New York) felt like everyone making a fire together; myself, the musicians, AND the audience ... not just me performing for a passive group of people. I felt so supported and present, my voice was in top form, every song told it's own story, and there was room for audience members to speak up, join in, contribute. It was a reunion, a celebration, a show, a Conversation. Amazing!

Afterwards, I sold loads of CDs and sold out for my T-shirts. Door and merchandise sales together almost covered the total cost of my flights for this whole month's-worth of flying from LA to Boston, New York to London to Spain to Senegal to home! How brilliant is that?!!

I stayed on and signed CDs and posters, chatted to/caught up with everyone, and considered the logistics of coming over to do more. Phil, Barak, and I were a wonderful combination. Like Francis, Phil mastered the music beautifully, and Barak's grooves were tasteful and subtle.

Got home after midnight and couldn't sleep, I was so happy. I just lay in bed, reliving all those wonderful moments. It's a sign that I am on the Right Path for sure.

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