Friday, February 17, 2006

Temple Bar, Phlight Restaurant, Valentine's Day performances

The Temple Bar show was wonderful: the musicians sounded incredible, the Sound sounded incredible (thanks to Swan Montgomery), Alecia and Kara both danced their behinds off, good numbers in the house, and financially, I broke even.

My older brother, bless him, brought a pile of wild friends who looked and acted as if they'd been bussed in from Burning Man. Lots of whooping and "tribal writhing" and sequins for our set's calm early numbers. Half of me wanted to get offstage and slap him. The other wanted to burst out laughing and hug him. He is a true Character.

The only hiccup was that my skirt fell off mid-second-dance, much to the crowd's delight. Underneath was a "beccio" (a white thin underskirt) which, as my mum would have said, "left nothing to the imagination."

All around, though, a great show!

The Phight restaurant show was interesting: lovely ambiance, great food, very nice people, but a little tricky. Diners want ambiance for their meal that's not too demanding, so I kept wondering if they found my original material annoying? I did have one table's-worth of fans, thank God. They made the three hours of singing worthwhile! Oh, and Christopher Perez, who booked us and is such a heartful, sweet man. Roberto Montero played beeeeautifully!

Valentine's Day, I had been asked to come along and sing to a fan/friend's wife as a surprise. When she answered the door, she burst into tears and cried, "Oh Bill! You didn't!" I sang three songs a cappella to them in the garden sunshine where they were having breakfast, accompanied by the screeching of trash trucks. In a strange way, it was really great. We sat together chatting and drinking coffee and telling stories for an hour before I headed off. How romantic is that?


Blogger Nigel said...

Hello Ashley.
Just found your blog tonight and am extremely happy to read about your increased activity in the music world again. Can't wait to hear the new album either!
I came to a few of your shows in London back in the mid-nineties - very fondly remembered indeed, and you always managed to shower us with sunshine...quite an achievement to do that in a place like the Subterania. Much water has indeed passed under the bridges you are currently flying over since then, but I'm still warmed by the passions in your music and your abiding love for the humanity that binds all true members of the global family to each other.
Keep warm,

11:26 PM

Blogger Ashley Maher said...

Hey Nigel,

Are you the Nigel who was with Annie who had 4 kids? That Nigel? Yes or no, please email Anthony Kosky at my website. (click on "contact") He will send the email to me so I can reply to you directly. I would LOVE you to hear the new CD. It is truly a treasure...

Whether you are the NIgel I believe you are or not, thank you for your kind words and may the day be a blessed one for you! Cheers, Ashley

10:12 AM


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