Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tucson: Eric Hansen's houseconcert

Eric Hansen, the singer-songwriter with the voice of an angel, the curls of a surfer, and heart-healing songs, invited me to perform at his house in Tucson. (www.erichansen.com) Heaven! Roberto Montero and I flew out on Saturday. Tucson is pale desert green, spacious, gorgeous, calm, ringed by mountains, domed by a Big Sky.

The show was sooo great: lots of really kind, lively people ready for good music and a show. I sang, told stories, danced, joked around, and the ladies all fell in love with Roberto. He opened the second set with "Girl from Ipanema," which had them swooning. When I mopped his brow with my scarf, a la Tom Jones, one lady cried out, "Can I have that?" It brought the house down! Afterwards, delicious pot luck food and Good Conversation till 1am.

Eric gave me the honor of sleeping in his touring van named The Beast: beautiful double futon, flannel sheets, heating, lamps. Reading a book of meditations before sleep, the one that stuck with me simply said, "Don't Hurry, Don't Worry, Don't Think Too Much!"

I love my life!


Blogger Nigel said...

Fantastic! Sounds like pure nourishment, and a great validation of your choices. Ever on, ever up!

10:26 AM


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