Monday, March 20, 2006

The First Day of Spring's Good News

Spring is here and here is the Good News!

**KCRW's Tom Schnabel played "Seven" and "Lucky" from F.O. Bridges.

**Three big world music festival presenters LOVE the CD.

**A Dutch music magazine editor says it's the best album of its type since Joni's records of the 70's.

**A really lovely guy at a major booking agency loves the music, asked me to "keep him posted" on developments, and is considering me to open for one of their touring summer acts.

** has been super supportive and has me listed as one of their top downloaded artists.

**I've had steady orders from around the world. Fans owning my prior releases are thrilled to find my new CDs and have emailed me the NICEST feedback.

**FolkWorks did a beautiful feature on me and are sponsoring a concert at CAFAM in April.

**The Santa Monica Pier's Twilight Series is considering me as an opening act for a big artist this summer.

**Countless CD packages are out there like ripe fruit, waiting for people to take a bite, fall in love with the flavor, hold the seeds, and imagine the Big Global Tree I would become, if given proper sun and water.

I need a team to help me get this music out there. May the Right Ones with the Right Hearts, Minds, and Vision be looking for me as I am looking for them. And may we find one another soon!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

First Fake Nails, follow-up

Had my fake nails painstakingly removed yesterday ... what a relief! I can type! I can wash up! I can braid my daughter's hair! I can get stuff out of my pockets! I can scratch an itch and it feels gooood!

When I'm nominated for the Grammy's, I'll consider getting them again, but probably not before...!